Jim lee

James Lee

A former boiler-maker/welder who in 2001 moved from Tasmania to Queensland and decided to study Sport and Exercise Science at the University of the Sunshine Coast. After the three year undergraduate degree and Honours degree he was offered a competatively funded PhD scholarship. His research centres on using micro-technology to assess walking and running patterns in athletes for performance enhancement and the general population and it's practical applications for people who may have been injured or suffered a disease which requires rehabilitation. Supervisors For the PhD are Associate Professor Brendan Burkett, Dr Rebecca Mellifont, and Dr Daniel James.

The approach was to develop a simple method of gait assessment by using a single inertial sensor to measure kinematics during walking. Therefore longitudinal capture of gait data is possible. Athletes tested include triathletes and race walkers. Stride, step and stance durations were detected from the triathlete data. The ability to identify symmetry/asymmetry in running was also shown to be possible using a single sensor. Race walking has controversial exposure in regards to judging and the ability to detect illegal step, mainly flight or loss of ground contact. The sensors were shown to be able to detect illegal steps more accurately and consistently than the naked eye.

His intrest in sports science developed from a diverse competative sporting background including coaching rowing, soccer, and swimming. Jim was aformer rower, AFL(Australian football) player, and observed section motorcycle trials competitor. A swimming official, along with various positions held within sporting club committees. he currently enjoys a love mountain running


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