Websites that work!

Fast Loading

People browsing the web are looking for instant answers, if your website doesn't load in a few seconds or quicker potential customers will just move on. Fancey animations and graphics can look great but can be annoying to someone on a slow connection - or even on those with fast connections. All that Glitters is not Gold many a fancy site becomes well annoying to repeat visitors and may convey the wrong impression about what your business is about.

Complete service

We build it, we host it. Local sites run by local people, speak to a real person for sales and support, not someone from a call centre or worse yet an electronic chat with a computer simulation

Google Friendly

Many a web designer builds a fantastic site but if nobody can find it on google what use is it? All of our sites are designed to be google friendly so they can actually be found. Use our SEO services to bring traffic to your site.

Mobile ready

With the internet moving quickly to mobile devices your website needs to be ready. All our sites are designed for 3G and connections slower than broadband connections (that many in Australia don't have) and screens that are smaller in size and resolution. Can you affford to miss out on mobile internet users - often top of the market customers.

Search Engine Optimisation- what the?

SEO designs your site for search engines, it includes choosing the optimimum domain names, server locations, optimising the text in your website, google maps listings etc... The web functions as well.... a web! your site needs to integrated with other sites for it to be well indexed and found by others. Our team can search out relevant sites and provide quality referrals that will enhance the ease with which your site can befound. Developing content for what your customers and visitors are looking for rather than what some web designer thinks will look cool.


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