daniel james

Heading North for the Winter

Well pretty chilly times in Brisbane at the moment - its down below 10deg at times, so the smart money is on heading to the Northern hemisphere for the winter. Centre Director David Thiel led the way with a summer spent putting micro sensors on scantily clad Scandinavians - all in the name of swimming research though. Next cab off the rank was David Rowlands off to Japan for a tour de force of our Japanese collaborators to talk about using iPhones in Sports. Andrew Wixted finds himself locked up in Alcatraz whilst attending a 3D motion capture conference in San Francesco and Dan James headed off to Austria for the International Sports Engineering Association biennial conference and a balmy 35deg to boot. Alas there was no time to relax though with a few conference papers to give, several posters and some reports to the association as well. Owing to the wonders of time zone shifts he was able to indulge his aikido hobby by doing some early morning training in a fabulous wine cellar dojo(see Vienna Aikido). Don't forget the postcards boys!!!


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