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Craig's Project at ARS

ARS Co. Ltd. is a small company based in Japan which produces small sized wireless sensor modules. ARS had no operating system running on their modules, and they wished to port “TinyOS” to their wireless sensor modules. The introduction of an operating system to ARS’s modules would provide a hardware independent, unified development environment. This allows applications to be written for the OS and executed on any platform supporting the OS, regardless of specific hardware. In addition, an Operation System would provide means for automated resource management and ease of application development. This project focused on porting TinyOS to ARS Co. Ltd's Ovis Lecister wireless sensor module.

What is TinyOS?

“TinyOS” is a free, component based, event driven, open source operating system designed specifically for wireless embedded sensor systems. It began as a project between Berkeley University and Intel and has since become an international collaboration. It is already used by thousands of companies and research institutes, and there are many free applications available for TinyOS on the internet.

Final Status of Port and Conclusion

The final drivers for the Msp430x2xx series successfully ported all the core subsystems, including GPIO, Clock, Timer, and UART Serial Communication sub systems. A full TinyOS development environment was establish for ARS, and using the created Msp430x2xx drivers, a compilation target “platform” for ARS’s Ovis Lecister module was successfully created. This allowed ARS to create TinyOS applications and run 3rd party TinyOS applications which utilise the ported functionality on their Ovis Lecister module, greatly increasing the versatility and ease of use of the module.

Some subsystems of the Msp430x2xx, such I2C and SPI communication, remain to be completed. In addition, several hardware modifications were also suggested to ARS to make their modules more compatible with TinyOS. The project was initiated by a long relationship between Yuji, Danny and ARS Co with the support of several granting agencies and the developed technology looks great for sporting application.

At the conclusion of the project Craig was offered and acceted a full time position at ARS in Yokohama, bon voyage and sayonara Craig though we hope to keep working with you.


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