Sports Technology News

Cluster members are regularly featured on the news through print, radio and TV. Here are some of them and press releases from the University as well

ABC TV and Radio

catalyst sports technology cover Swiming, Sword and Tennis technology, Catalyst Feb 2011
Plastic Circuit technology , New Inventors 2010
Illegal bowling action, Radio National, Augest 2009
Swiming and running technology, Catalyst May 2009
Science and Technology in Sport, Perspective, Radio National March 2006

Video presentations on YouTube

See our complete youtube Sports Engineer channel

Media releases via Griffith University

griffith university mediasSee media releaes prepared by Griffith University (google search) more info...

Snowboarding research in the news

sports engineering facilitiesNewspaper clippings from the Snowboarding project more info...

Other articles

Technology in Sport by Daniel James
Sports Technology Magazines: Is it Time? by Daniel James
Sports or Technology Sports by Daniel James


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